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"It is my passion for women to feel the sense of empowerment running brings. To achieve something when they never thought it was possible. For women to experience increased self confidence and self belief achieved from running with the club is so rewarding."



The Story Behind Our Running Club

More than 10 years ago at the school gates, where Debra's children attended primary school she was approached by another mum who wanted to be able to run a 5k and would Debra help her.

Debra did just that and the mum achieved her goal of running her first 5k.

This was in 2010 and from this Debra realised that there was a niche for women who wanted run but didn't know how to start or perhaps were already running but found it lonely and unmotivating.

Debra recognised women felt comfortable exercising with other likeminded women in a relaxed, friendly and non competitive environment. 

Over the last 10 years UcanJog2 has grown, developed and evolved into the successful club that it is today.

Debra has gained invaluable experience and has had much success whether ladies have wanted to run their first 5k, or marathon. 

Debra recognises that whilst she is the passionate and dedicated leader of the club, the success of the club is very much a team effort with contribution from each and every member. 

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