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Nutrition Coaching


I started nutrition coaching in September 2021 as I wanted to find out more about nutrition and what foods were best to help improve my general health and how it might help improve my running.  If I lost a few pounds along the way then that was all to the good, but not my main goal. 

I believed I had a generally healthy diet, but Debra could see where I needed to make a few changes to improve it.  It was amazing that just a few changes to eating differently could have such great results.  

Inches off my waist and hips, eating more than ever and feeling fuller for much longer!

These were not big changes to make, but easy to incorporate into my daily routine and family meals, hence my family are eating better too now!

Planning and tracking meals helped my awareness and now become a more natural behaviour - a good habit! I am not really tracking much at all now as I know what foods I need to include to feel my best.

Debra also taught me that nothing was 'banned' but that it was up to me to make that choice and to include it in my calorie count if needed.  I found that it was easier to leave these things out sometimes as I didn't want to go over my calorie count. 

Debra's feedback at check in was always positive - focusing on what I had achieved and setting one focus goal for the week which was easy to incorporate into my week.  Building on these goals week on week led to the final phase of transitioning to maintenance which has been vital for embedding what I've learnt into every day life and without tracking.

Debra provided lots of support for celebrations and meals out and how to enjoy them within my nutrition programme.  This has been a really useful approach and I'll continue with this. 

I can really say how much fun it's been doing this with you!  It's been a great learning curve and am really glad I did it. I think it's better than trying to do it on your own.  I needed the accountability, expert advice  and encouragement that you give.   

I am looking forward to your new app as I think a monthly check in would be useful.


Fiona Lawrence


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