UcanJog2 Club membership is due annually on 1st September.  

As a UcanJog2 Member you have access to all the run sessions, social events, opportunities to run as part of the club either in the UK or abroad, support with your training and individual running goals. Access to all social media (detailed below), private club groups,  and inclusion of the Club Whattsapp group for all Club information and updates as well as the many other organised social events, run events and team challenges. 

Additional Club Member Benefits

UcanJog2 Club Members will also receive the following additional benefits from other credible businesses to support our running, including educational Q&A’s such as nutrition, injury prevention or similar *please not that these may incur an additional cost.

Discounted Race Entry

UcanJog2 does often seek and gain their own discount rates for large entries. When this is the case you will be informed on how to enter to benefit from this. 

Runners World

10% discount on Running shoes and Clothing at Runners World Watford 

Primal Therapy Sports Therapists  

  1. Treatment. 15% discount off Treatment of your choice at Primal Therapy for you and one other named person of your choice.

  2. Advice via Zoom or similar when possible to address common injuries, how to prevent and any muscular condition that needs addressing to best benefit the team.

  3. Social Media presence with running related posts

Nutrition Coaching with Debra

Personalised Nutrition Coaching that align with your goals, values and lifestyle whatever your goal. Working with a nutrition coach who is compassionate and understanding will help you learn and understand how nutrition supports your goals that is realistic and sustainable. Weekly check in’s and an individual programme, working together each week to get closer to your goals.  Cost on application due to the type of plan required. 

Nutrition Live Talks combined with other Nutrition coaches to benefit the club. 

Resistance Training To Support Your Running

In person 1-1 or in a pair . Or if you are a gym member why not have a personalised programme prescription for you to use in your gym.

Personal Training 

Support your running with personalised personal training to focus on individual goals with a focus on strengthening muscles to support running and daily life. Club members will receive the preferential rate of £25 per 1hour session.  Personal Training can also be in pairs for the preferential rate of £30ph*

Personalised Programme Prescription for you to use in your Gym

An individual personalised gym programme for you to use in your gym/leisure centre. Your goals, lifestyle and availability are all considered when designing your 6-8 week programme. Exercise technique and feedback is included during the programme cycle.  Members preferential rate of £30*.

*Possibility this cost is revised during the annual membership year

Social Media Platforms

UcanJog2 Private Facebook Group – Pink Ladies Run 

All UcanJog2 Members can request to join this private group. This group is for members to keep abreast with all the UcanJog2 information as well as a place to share information about runs, inspiration, photos and to discuss anything club or running related. All members may post, respond and comment to posts. Please note that the membership rules relating to dignity, respect and inclusion apply equally to all private social media platforms.

Any content that UcanJog2 considers in its sole discretion does not adhere to these principles or is inappropriate or defamatory will be removed. 

UcanJog2 Public Facebook Page

This page is to promote UcanJog2 and publish run photos. If you prefer to not have your photo included on a public Facebook page please remove yourself at the time of the photo being taken and make it known to your leader that you do not wish to be included in published photos. 


@debra.geard for all things running, nutrition, personal training together with my personal goals.

UcanJog2 Strava 

This group is for members to motivate and congratulate each other on their running achievements, to motivate when needed and feel part of a club on Strava.

UcanJog2 Social Events

UcanJog2 Members are invited to participate in all social events. Some social events include purchasing a ticket. If UcanJog2 is the host of a social event, please refer to the specific event cancellation and refund policy that will be published at the time of booking. Where UcanJog2 is not the host but the Club organiser booking as a group through a third party or Business, UcanJog2 cannot be held responsible for any event cancellation or refund if an event is cancelled or changed. Any monies paid by a Member as part of a group booking are subject to the terms and conditions of such third party and UcanJog2 shall have no liability to any Member. 

UcanJog2 – Running in the UK or Abroad

UcanJog2 organise day events and weekends away in the UK and Abroad. These events are exclusively for UcanJog2 Members.  Members must be attending weekly run sessions on a regular basis to attend. ‘Regular Basis’ is at least one session per week for a continuous period of 3 months prior to the trip. 

UcanJog2 Kit

UCanJog2 have official club kit. You do not need to wear club kit to attend a weekly run although it is always preferred.  Club kit will be ordered by UcanJog2 at regular intervals. The logo and lettering on the T-shirts and colour of the lettering of the logos are non-negotiable. It is optional to have your name printed on your T-shirt or Vest top. 

Race Entry

UcanJog2 is a not an Affiliated club so we are not eligible for any race discounts. You can however still put UcanJog2 down as your club even when you tick the box to being Non Affiliated.  UcanJog2 does often seek and gain their own discount rates for large entries. When this is the case you will be informed on how to enter to benefit from this. 

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