I am passionate and committed to empowering women to invest in themselves.

To find happiness, self acceptance and confidence by improving overall health through exercise and nutrition and mental wellbeing. 

30 years experience in the health & fitness industry with over 10 years specifically working solely with women.



Whether you have never run before or already running come and join a fantastic group of likeminded women of all  abilities, ages and bodies that bring the fun, chatter and laughter to every run



Individualised compassionate Nutrition Coaching to help you achieve your goals that align with your values that is flexible and sustainable.


The importance of women to include resistance training is paramount to longevity of life. Whether it be in a gym or at home I can prescribe progressive workouts




Women Supporting Women to improve physical health and mental wellbeing

in a relaxed, friendly and very welcoming environment



We are a Women's Running Club with a strong ethos of women supporting women whether you have never run before or already running but ready to join like minded ladies in a much more enjoyable, sociable and fun way to run. 

We Run - We Talk - We Laugh

We are women of all ages, sizes and abilities who share a love for having 'fun on the run.' We understand the benefit running with likeminded ladies brings each of us, not just physically but more importantly mentally.  

We support, motivate and celebrate each other's acthievements no matter how small or how big.

We all have busy lives which is why it is even more important to find time for yourself and join a great group of ladies and run with UcanJog2.

You will make new friends, feel fitter, healthier and a whole lot happier. 

We love to welcome new ladies so come and join us!




"It is my passion for women to feel the sense of empowerment running brings. To achieve something when they never thought it was possible. For women to experience increased self confidence and self belief achieved from running with the club is so rewarding."



More than 10 years ago at the school gates, where Debra's children attended primary school she was approached by a mum who wanted to be able to run a 5k and knowing Debra was already running, asked her to help.

Debra did just that and the mum achieved her goal of running her first 5k.

This was in 2010 and from this Debra realised that there was a niche for women who wanted to run but didn't know how to start or perhaps were already running but found it lonely.

Debra recognised women felt comfortable exercising with other likeminded women in a relaxed, friendly and non competitive environment. 

That the mental benefit was as important 

as the physical benefit, to be able to run and talk and enjoy the run without any pressure or expectation. 

We all have busy lives and running with UcanJog2 gives women the freedom to be themselves, to leave behind the stress of life, even if just for the hour session to focus on themselves, to run, spend time with other women, support others or be supported.  



Individualised compassionate Nutrition Coaching to help you achieve your goals that align with your values and is sustainable long term.

Debra is an accredited evidence based nutritionist who can support you with online Individual Nutrition Coaching to work towards your goals. 

After all we are not the same, we lead different lifestyle which need to be respected and considered and understood when finding a diet that is manageable and sustainable for you. 

With a market saturated in misinformation, fads and quick fixes and possibly a lifetime of yoyo dieting. It is understandable that many women do not know how to eat a balanced and healthy diet, with many women having an 'all or nothing' approach leading to potentially an unhealthy relationship with food.

Through Debra's compassionate coaching you will learn the importance of including all the food groups, that no food is 'good or bad' how food fuels you, benefits your health and makes you feel good! 

 Whatever your goal, Individual Nutrition Coaching will help you achieve your goals and leave you with a better understanding of how to manage your own nutrition going forward. 

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Upcoming Events

  • London Winter 10k - 13th Feb 2022
    13 Feb, 07:45 – 12:00
    London, London, UK
    Join this annual event with the Pink Ladies! A return coach will be arranged, we run then meet for refreshments in a local café.
  • Kew Gardens Half Marathon
    Sun, 10 Apr
    Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
    10 Apr, 08:00
    Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Richmond TW9, UK
    a FLAT half marathon starting and finishing inside Kew Gardens as well as venturing along the Richmond tow path. The main section of the run looks an ‘out & back’ but with a different loop at each end. After the run there is Live account music and weather permitting a picnic!
  • Cotswolds Weekend Away
    06 May, 17:00 – 09 May, 10:00
    Lew, Lew, Bampton OX18 2BB, UK
    Running, Relaxation, Hiking, Socialising, Cream tea and Cocktails


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